Vision & Mission

At the Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765, our vision and mission reflect our commitment to the future of Freemasonry.



Our vision is to be a global leader in the exploration and implementation of future-proofed Freemasonry practices. We aspire to seamlessly integrate time-honoured Masonic traditions with the innovative possibilities offered by Information Technology, thereby creating a resilient and sustainable Freemasonry that thrives in the digital era.



Our mission is to actualise our vision through a threefold strategy:

Enhancing the Integrity of Lodge and Chapter Working: We are dedicated to upholding and refining the values, rituals, and practices at the heart of Freemasonry. We believe that the core principles of Freemasonry provide a strong foundation for exploration and innovation. Therefore, we strive to enhance the integrity of our Lodge and Chapter working, promoting a culture of respect, brotherhood, and excellence.

Researching Future Practices of Freemasonry: We are committed to investigating innovative ways of practicing Freemasonry. Our transition into a Special Interest Research Lodge signifies our dedication to this goal. Through rigorous research, we aim to discover and test novel approaches to Freemasonry that align with the demands and opportunities of the digital age.

Publishing Our Research: In the spirit of brotherhood and knowledge sharing inherent to Freemasonry, we are determined to publish our research findings. Through this, we hope to inspire discussion, further research, and practical applications of our discoveries within the wider Masonic community.

By actualising these objectives, we believe we can make a lasting, positive impact on Freemasonry. The journey towards the future of Freemasonry is a collective effort, and we invite all who share our vision to join us in making it a reality.