Ex Libris Lodge 3765

Lodge for Research

Future of Freemasonry

In the digital age

Welcome to the Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765, the meeting point of Freemasonry and the digital era. Founded in 1916, we carry a prestigious legacy as a ‘Hall Stone Lodge’.

Now, as we transition into a Special Interest Research Lodge, we are venturing into novel realms of Freemasonry, exploring its potential in the context of IT and digital transformation.

If you’re a Freemason with an affinity for IT, or an IT professional with ties to Freemasonry, we invite you to join us on this revolutionary path. Our aim is to research and uncover innovative, sustainable practices that will ensure Freemasonry thrives and remains relevant in the years to come.

Participation in our Lodge also grants you automatic enrolment in the Ex Libris Academy, our research hub focused on securing the future of Freemasonry. Through collective effort, we aim to foster a global community of like-minded Freemasons, equipped with skills to design and execute rigorous research projects.

Embrace the chance to influence the future of Freemasonry. Let’s embark on this journey together, pushing the boundaries of tradition and infusing Freemasonry with the dynamism of the digital age.