About Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765

The Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765, founded in 1916, is steeped in a rich heritage that upholds the values of Freemasonry while dynamically embracing the future.

Our Lodge is recognised as a ‘Hall Stone Lodge’, denoting our principal contribution to the construction of the Freemasons Hall, which opened in 1933 as the Masonic Peace Memorial.

For over a century, we have diligently upheld the traditions and principles of Freemasonry, imparting its profound teachings to generations of Masons.


Yet, we recognise that to truly thrive, Freemasonry must adapt and evolve. Thus, we are transitioning into a Special Interest Research Lodge, focusing on the intersection of Freemasonry and Information Technology.


Our journey towards future-proofing Freemasonry does not forsake tradition. Instead, it harmonises the time-honoured rituals of the Craft with the transformative potential of the digital age.

This unique approach positions us at the cutting-edge of Masonic practices, making Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765 an innovative force within Freemasonry.


At Ex Libris Lodge No. 3765, we believe that embracing change is integral to preserving the spirit of Freemasonry. We invite you to join us in exploring innovative, sustainable ways of practicing Freemasonry and contribute to the evolution of this revered tradition.


Together, we will ensure that the values and practices of Freemasonry remain relevant, resilient, and robust, ready to inspire and guide future generations.